Suggested Fertilization Schedules

Recommendations for Fertilization

We recommend the use of Organic Lawn Fertilizers.  Using synthetic fertilizers (ie. Scotts) can lead to insect and fungal problems.

Our recommendation is to fertilize Bermuda grass three to five times throughout the year.  Apply 20 pounds of Texas Tee or other Organic fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn.

Zoysia and St. Augustine grass can be fertilized 3 times per year at the same rate.

With Bermuda and Zoysia, you will want to apply pre-emergent herbicides two times a year, typically in February and September.  Never apply pre-emergent herbicides to lawns less than a year old.

Your soil still needs attention to provide nutrition and moisture for plants. Apply liquid fish and/or compost tea twice a month. (See Services.)

Once your garden and lawn is established, aerate it at least once a year in the summer.

Feed azaleas and camellias just as the buds appear and after the flowers are gone using a fertilizer made for acid-loving plants.

Slow release organic fertilizers feed plants over an extended period of time, which is good for lawns. This type of fertilizer can be applied without the risk of burning the grass.

Fertilizing roses is certainly worth the effort, and the reward is lots of beautiful rose blooms.

Use a fertilizer that feeds the soil as well as the plant. We recommend the use of natural fertilizers that contain controlled-release nitrogen and micronutrients that enhance humus development.

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